Re: Firefox 57 again


Yeah. I've readed many mails about how firefox works with standar sites, but what about gmail standard? what about facebook? what about complex aria sites? I understand that many people doesn't use these sites, but these are important for some people.



El 19/11/2017 a las 20:05, JM Casey escribió:

I got it today and it seems to work basically fine with NVDA so far. It’s just a bit slow. It does not seem to work at *all* with JAWS 18. I haven’t yet tested it on many websites, so it remains to be seen whether I’ll end up going back to the ESR or not. That’d certainly seem to be my only option if I want to use JAWS with this browser, but it’s really nice to see that it plays alright with NVDA. Maybe it works with JFW 2018, but my license is no good for that, so once again, as I knew it would, my gravitating toward NVDA has paid off.



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