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I agree, mbam is something I install in demo mode on a system with suspected infections and that needs clearing, but it doesn't stay on the systems in question long term.

I run it and use it if the user reports a problem or if something stupid has gone on, but then its gone.

It does what I need it to do and it is usable to the point where it does what it does, but I wouldn't use it to tie my own shoe laces with.

On 20/11/2017 9:14 a.m., JM Casey wrote:
Hey Sean.
At first I was confused and not sure why you were referring to malwarebytes, but after reading the whole message, I think I get it. These programmes use the same library and bypass the operating system for screen drawing? I don't fully understand the issues involved but I guess I have a vague notion. I do find malwarebytes good enough to use but yes, I agree it's not an awesome experience ... but then it's the sort of programme you just run and then leave, not something you have up and always want to fiddle with. I need more feedback than that from Soulseek. I already have issues with NS, but I guess what you're saying is that I too will just have to settle for "good enough for now, I guess"?

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qt has some accessibility doings.

Sadly it doesn't seem everyone impliments these right.

Malwarebytes really does try, but its not what I'd call a tidy program.

I mean it works to the point I can hit buttons and review bits of info but I can't check or uncheck, and reading is well its just rough as a bed of nails is all.

The only program that uses qt in my opinion that even works nicely is teamtalk.

And thats only probably because its dev just transfered the classic interface as an option without it it does work ok to.

He does use tolque which in itself is an accessibility library which controls readers and tells them what they should be saying.

Sadly not to many things use something like this outside maybe blind games.

On 20/11/2017 8:34 a.m., JM Casey wrote:
Hey everyone.

I don't have much hope, but I wondered if anyone had success using
this programme with NVDA? I did install it when I used JAWS
exclusively and could not do a thing with it beyond the setup screen,
which was accessible. It uses some library that writes directly to the
screen, I think, and JAWS at least couldn't see a word beyond that
point. But I feel like people who use NVDA are perhaps more willing to
experiment and try things out, and I wondered if anyone here had managed to successfully use this?

Right now, I do run Soulseek NS occasionally. It works ... ok, but
doesn't always play nice with Windows 10, sometimes disappearing from
the available windows altogether (even though it is still listed in
task manager as a running process) and sometimes failing to start
altogether, and I'm also not really convinced it is indexing my files
properly. Soulseek NS hasn't been developed for probably ten years, so
it'd be nice to get on board with QT, though I guess it's pretty cool that NS still works at all.

I did find one or two forum posts about QT with screen-readers and it
didn't really seem like there was a lot of interest in making it
accessible. But those posts were from years ago, too, and sometimes I
miss things with google searches. Just thought it was worth a shot!



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