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Dan Beaver


I tried the American link when I got the error.

I just tried the link in this posting and used Firefox this time and it gave me a unsecured site warning too.

I think I will just forget about it for now.

Thanks anyway.

Dan Beaver

On 11/20/2017 10:08 AM, Gene wrote:

The link is the direct download link to download the program.  When you use it, the download procedure your browser uses should begin.  I tried the American link, you didn't specify which you trued, and it works properly in Firefox.  There are several download links on the main page for every language category, presumably mirrors. 
the links came directly from the Mozilla site so they are either Mozilla links or officially approved links. 
To try other links, go to
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From: Dan Beaver
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 8:59 AM
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I tried using the link you gave and Chrome gave me a security warning page.  It says it isnt secure.  Are you sure that is a valid Mozilla site?


Dan Beaver

On 11/20/2017 9:51 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't know what the writer of the article was saying or had in mind.  Old versions of firefox have and will continue to be available but it makes no sense to use anything other than the ESR version at this time.  Anything you saw regarding Thunderbird doesn't apply.  I don't know if it matters, but I would suggest using the 32 bit version of the ESR program.  that ensures that you wont have problems with add ons that may only run in the 32 bit version.  Also, I suspect the 32 bit version may be at least a little less demanding on processor power, though I don't know that.  There is either nothing, or nothing that matters, that you can't do with the 32 bit ESR program than with the 64 bit ESR program. 
This has nothing to do with NVDA.  Download the program from Mozilla. 
Here is a download link for the American version. 
And the South African version is:
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Subject: [nvda] Options Please?

Dear Group,

I am having help this evening in about 12 hours, to download and
install something to replace Firefox 57 as my processor cannot meet
the demand ot the new Quantum. That was supposed to read, of the new

I have a windows 7 machine.

I notice someone asked for NVDA 17.4, 32-bit version link to be sent
them. I have a 64-bit machine, but notice the link said Firefox 57
Thunderbird. Yet there was a number 52.4 somewhere in the email or
request. I understand about the ESR Version, or going with Firefox 56
as an option. However, I read an article stating that unless one
downloaded previous versions by November 10, they now have to resort
to the ESR Version; the article is by one Sarah Pulis. I don't recall
the publication title, but it comes from Australia online.

I live in the US and wonder is Thunderbird something NVDA produces
that comes loaded with a user-friendly version of Mozilla for blind
users working with windows computers pre Windows 10?

Should I go to the link to download the ESR version or to
Mozilla? I did see the notice posted on October 31. A link was

Finally, is there a tutorial somewhere instructing blind users on
steps to downloading and installing a program to the computer via

Thanks for bearing with my lengthy message.

All the Best,

David Russell
"chilah phanim" Make G-d smile!

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