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Its a pitty the cheapest perk is only 50 bucks I'd gladly put 10-20 bucks in but 50, I actually need to stop investing in things, especially if I want to upgrade to fibre, get newer coms hardware and other things like upgrade some of the hardware well a old server which needs to be taken to heven.
So I really need to watch who and what I invest in.

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for posting. Lucy Greco and I will be talking about DictationBridge on NVDACon. It is the first lightening talk to be held on 22 April at 17:00 UTC.

Please be there.


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hello and apology for the cross posting.

I am part of a team that is wanting to expand access of blind screen reader users to dictation products. we are currently running an INDIEGOGO campaign to achieve this goal.
if your interested in being able to use ms speech recognition with a screen reader or dragon naturally speaking this product is for you.

we already have a prototype that can echo back dictation in to g-mail and other windows apps. we can't yet interact with all of the windows elements that we hope to but will do so shortly when we receive our funding. please share this campaign widely and think about joining us by donating to this free and open source product to make it available to every one Lucy

lucia Greco
follow me on twitter @accessaces

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