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Darren Tomblin

i'm asking because some people have been saying on here that if the bit
versions are different the broswer won't work.

On 11/20/2017 6:50 PM, JM Casey wrote:
You have a choice whether you want the 64 or 32 bit version. If you completely remove your copy, there won't be anything to automatically update anyway, so you can just go to Mozilla and download the version of the browser you want.

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hi, I have a question asbout firefox. I currently have fiefox 56 32-bit running on a windows 10 64-bit computer. If I completely remove my current version and install a new copy will I get a 64-bit version.
i'm wondering this because I don't want to lose access to another browser since I can't get ie11 to work with nvda. thanks

Darren Tomblin(KC9JJJ)

Darren Tomblin(KC9JJJ)

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