Re: espeak


I agree on that, but having tried my powerfull sapi5 realspeak as supposed to espeak for simple nav hmmm.
That doesn't mean I won't have a reading and non reading voice.
Espeak reminds me of the keynote gold and max is the best a second would be the nv speech player v1 or the enhanced espeak engine for nv speech.
I'd still like that devlopped.
The only other synth is eloquence, but the old sapi4 one that comes on some windoweyes disks and old symbian, there is a 16 bit version on symbian and also some more recent implimentations released on supernova but they just sound wrong.

On 22/04/2016 1:53 p.m., Chris Shook wrote:
Hey all,
In my opinion, Espeak is one of the better electronic synthesizers. It's
a lot better than dectalk anyway, but having said that, I'm not that
fond of Espeak, elequence, or dectalk. I prefer a more human sounding
voice to read to me. It's probably best if we all remember two things.
1. NVDA is free. The screen reader itself surpasses the commercial
screen readers in a lot of ways, and you don't have to pay a dime.
2. Other synthesizers are available for purchase. Codefactories
vocalizer expressive and elequence is the cheapest package of them all
and the vocalizer expressive voices are very good.

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