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I don't know of such a FAQ, but rather than have a FAQ and separate information on the web site, I think the information should be on the web site and a link be given in a welcome message with an explanation of the kinds of information available on the page.

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Hi Gene and everyone,

An FAQ that automatically gets sent to new members on the list with answers to some of these questions is a good idea (if one doesn't exist already, I must admit, I joined awhile ago and can't recall).  Maybe a link to it in the signature?

Re the web site, as many know, we are in a process which has ended up being longer than anticipated, of refreshing the site, or basically rolling out a whole new site, and once that is live or available to preview, I'll be sure to post here to get your feedback on it.

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This is a long message containing my suggestions for organizing the web site for the benefit of new or not very knowledgeable users.  There may be a little repetition about how to find or get certain information but that may be helpful to those looking.
I haven't looked at the web site to any extent for awhile but the last time I looked, I thought it was poorly organized.  It should be very clear how to get important kinds of information from the home page, including a link to the extra voices page, sihnce, like it or not, the default voice is one of the things many people strongly object to and want to change immediately, a link to a discussion of how to use the built-in Windows Voices so that those who want to do so may do so as soon after installation as possible. a link to some sort of tutorial collection, such as the other Gene's, and a link to an NVDA tutorial such as Joseph Lees, a link to the add ons page, and a link to the support page with the explanation that information about how to join a users' group is available on that page. 
There may be other things that should be there but those are the things that come to mind.
I said that these links should be on the home page, but if that is undesirable, there could be something like a link on the home page that says something like information for beginners and, when this link is followed, information such as I've discussed would be in that section.
Also, those switching to NVDA often have a certain number of specific questions that are repeated by a lot of people who are trying NVDA on lists.  It might be a good idea to have one distinct article for beginners with answers to a small number of very common questions such as how do I shut down NVDA, how to I get to the user manual, how do I change the voice and the voice speed and other parameters, and, although I don't recall seeing this asked, where is there a list of keyboard commands. 
I would also suggest giving a link to the User Guide online so that those who want to look at it with their old screen-reader may do so and not have to be using NVDA and getting used to it at the same time as looking at the first few sections of the user Guide.
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This is one of the complaints often heard about NVDA. More so for folks who want to dip their toes into this screen reader. Better/well organized access to support info such as this would likely make the newbie experience go a whole lot smoother. Not to mention appreciated by everyone as well.

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Hi Quentin,
Any thoughts on this?

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It seems to me with all the drama going on on here that a few things need to happen.

Firstly if there isn't a tutorials page on the nvda wiki maybe it needs to be visible, maybe as part of the support page  or download page or even main pages you should have links to the user guide, audio demos of features, audio and text tutorials maybe some sort of faq to.

It would really cut down on all the drama on here if someone wants to fine a tutorial that we can give a centralised location where all links to tutorials on and off site are placed.

Its only a suggestion, I am unsure how to make it a formal proposal but it would be a good way to make most of this stuff go away and would be generally good.

If this stuff exists deep down somewhere maybe it could be brought together somewhere and if someone has a lot of it somewhere else then it should be linked in this central location to.

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