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This is the sort of helpful message that should not get to the list. its a personal view and usually starts an argument of my synth is better than yours etc, which is not true, better for a given person certainly, but everybody hears things differently. i find Espeak in English very clear, and have made Quincy to suit my personal needs for a less sing song voice than the normal default. I would notdare to say that this is better in any context, just different.
I also find a fair few of the demos one can hear on line have the speed of speech far too fast for me to understand, but once again, that is me, some brains are capable of listening that fast, but I wouldh have to say if doing an audio tutorial and expecting people to follow it, slow the voice right down as the voice is your choice of voice, but otheres will have difficulty if it is not what they would choose themselves.


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As far as I am concerned, Espeak should be called C speak. The C standing for crap.

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i for one would love to have sapi version of espeak-ng with edward voice.

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