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Actually its not all the tech's fault over the last little while I have been having an issue between my dad refered here as the user and me the admin of the network with the winmail.dat issue.

I have always handled this issue.

Suddenly ms rings me as I expected quoting the case number.

Fine, but suddenly the user is there he wants to make sure its microsoft and not a spammer.

Can I please handle this.

My mistake was getting up.

So he hogs the call to the tech and handles the issue instead of asking me for things he handles it all.

He wants my case number which I just handed him.

He takes control of the issue which while I know not much more than him he knows almost nothing about exactly what is going on he can't even follow what is going on.

Suddenly its over, the call is over.

I come back, and check right away I see logging is on and a few other things.

After completing a office repair and a few other things searching on the net and hoping its all gone I come back in and well the issue is still there.

While this was a small problem I now have no idea on the problem's status and the user is no help in that reguard.

I have had worse issues than that, once my brother wanted to convert a file and well, instead of looking for me he decides to randomly do it.

After a reformat to get rid of all the spyware the issue is still not resolved.

Eventually he gives me the file and I do it and give the right one back.

Further a field in at least 3 sepperate occasions 2 of my remote users have decided to take issues complex enough on their own for me to solve and tried to do it themselves.

One of them took it on himself to copy his user account straight into another folder without following the correct procedure.

This same user then tried to get a skype recording program that was free.

I had to remove and recreate his user account and then after a lot of cleaning and reformatting was able to finally get down to the problems and fix them which were quite simple.

In another instance, the same guy had a problem, something on his system or online said his system was not secure.

He had had a lot of icons that were popping up which he assumed were viruses.

I spent most of the night clearing spyware off the system and recreating the account.

The icons were in fact his various programs with updates and other things wanting his attention.

I have also had the case where people have got a virus and instead of getting the right amount of tools to clear it, take a nuke, a sledge hammer and a bulldoser to do it all for them.

The virus is gone.

Most of the system is gone, guess who has to remove all the software, install a single tool and clear off the junk taking off the hard drive, defrag the drive, update the os and make it work.

Guess who has the job of staying up all night fixing things, not to mention everything needs code authorisation again, and after that windows was alegal, I had to ring ms to get key resets to.

So yeah as a tech myself I really do wish the users don't but in when I am trying to handle issues they pass on to us.

On 22/11/2017 10:54 a.m., Tony Ballou wrote:
Hi Mary,

Lol!  Absolutely! And as a tech who calls the answer desk a lot when he
doesn't understand some of the stuff that the sighted world techs do to
systems in the name of troubleshooting, there best job is indeed taking
the box to the car.


On 11/18/2017 4:12 PM, Mary Otten wrote:
A week or so ago, there were a lot of messages on a topic I started regarding my new windows 10 PC and it’s inability to sometimes shut down completely or be unresponsive after restarts, where settings wouldn’t open etc. Also there was this thing where nVDA was talking even after it had not been loaded when the machine was trying and failing to shut down. I had the machine back in the shop again, and the unskilled workers who work there, at least I hope that’s what they are rather than competent technicians, said there was nothing wrong with it. So we brought it home again, and it exhibited the same unfortunate behaviors. Before giving up completely and just turning the machine back in before my 15 day return with no questions asked Time limit Ran out, I called the Microsoft disability helpdesk. The first guy I talked to was on the phone and remoted in to my computer trying to do different things for well over an hour. He finally decided that the only solution was a reinstallation/repair of windows. That necessitated a long download. And here I thought my Internet connection was faster than it apparently is. Anyway, following long download, I called back, spoke to another technician, who initiated the installation and repair process, which went fine. The machine is now working as it should. Amazing what real technicians who know what they’re doing and do. Moral: never pay the so-called technicians in a big box store to do anything but carry your box to your car.

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