Re: Now that I've got Firefox ESR, there's a problem with links not activating

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Good advice. I should probably have installed the ESR fresh. I just wanted to keep my bookmarks and wasn’t sure off-hand where firefox stored them.


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You can try uninstalling the program and reinstalling it.  or you can get the portable ESR version and use that.  it does everything the installed version does, you can even set it as the default, and you won't have to worry about any remnants from the installed program causing problems. 


I use firefox Portable because I can just copy the entire program somewhere else as a backup.  then if something becomes corrupted, I can just delete the copy I'm using and copy the backup to the same location I was running the program from.  And I can copy the program to any machine I wish.


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Subject: [nvda] Now that I've got Firefox ESR, there's a problem with links not activating


Hello everyone. Really sorry about this as it's not strictly speaking an nVDA question, but I know Firefox has been a hot topic round these parts for quite some time, so it doesn't seem entirely inappropriate. As I said in a previous message, I was using FF 57 and it was working -- ok. But as other users pointed out, it was kind of slow and weird. And as much as I'm growing to really like nVDA, it did annoy me that I could not use it with JAWS at all. So, I went and got Firefox ESR, as many on this list have also done, and installed it. But now I have a weird issue, and it's one I seem to remember coming up against with firefox before, but I can't recall for the life of me what I had to do to correct it.

Basically, links will not activate as they normally do. I go to a site with ctrl-l, and can maybe click on one link as I normally would, with the enter key. is an example of a site I visit frequently which now does this. I can search for a book title and get a list of results, but then clicking on that item appears to do absolutely nothing. The mobile facebook site is doing the same thing, as have other sites, so I know it isn't site-specific, but something on my end. The links *will* activate if I select "open in new tab" from the context menu, but I don't want to have to do this every time, obviously. My only thought is that something got changed when I installed ESR over 57, a setting or something. This certainly wasn't happening before yesterday. Does anyone have any ideas?


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