Re: How to interact with a pop-up window in Chrome

Brian Crabtree

The Racing UK issue occurs when I have navigated to a graphic using G in browse mode, then pressed enter to activate it. The graphic in question is a video, which used to play with no problems. All I now hear is "Loading", but the video never loads because the site has displayed the re-authentication pop-up and wants me to input my password then click the re-authenticte button to prove it is me.

I can use a find dialogue to get to the pop-up in this case, because the word "reauthenticate" (which I discovered only through a sighted friend reading it) does not appear anywhere on the original page. My question was whether there is any more generalised method of working with pop-ups, which would work where the pop-up wording is not unique and which I can use without first having to ask a sighted person to interpret it.

Gene mentions using find or experimenting by other methods. What might these other methods be? Brian

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