David <trailerdavid@...>

I am really not sure, to what extent this might be totally off-topic. If
so, forebare with me, and contact me off-list.

I am contemplating getting a new device, which would replace my recently
broken netbook. The device will be serving as a backup unit, should my
main system get a flue, headache - or cause me to have such diagnoses.

Today, I received an offer on something named Chromebook. I do not know
what it is, or what to expect from it. Is it even running Windows? Or,
more importantly, is it by any means workable by a blind user? Can it be
run by means of NVDA, or what kind of screen reader would it be using?
Well, is it even a computer, or are we talking more like a mobile device?

If any of you have some hands-on experience, or more technical
information of some sort - I would be greatly appreciating you dropping
me a note on the matter. I want to know what to order, before I place
any order for the next computerized device. So please educate me.

Thanks alot,

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