Re: Submenu expantion on website

Ron Canazzi

Hi Jonathon,

With these types of menus, here is what I do.  Switch to edit  mode with insert + space bar.  Then press enter.  When I did this on the first collapse link, it actually read search.  Then I switched out of the edit mode and down a few lines was a combo box that gave you a choice of what type of search and an edit box to type in a search string.

Give this a try on those types of links that say collapsed and many of  them work like edit combo boxes.

On 11/22/2017 11:59 AM, Jonathan Milam wrote:

Hi All,


When I visit:

and attempt to expand the submenus for Help, explore services, WFU Community, and About Us, the menu doesn’t expand with enter or space, or even using the number pad  to left click it.  I have tested with Firefox, IE and Chrome.  However, JAWS expands them without difficulty.  Are there any ideas for what the developer can try to make these expand properly?  When expanded, the body of the web page changes and the content appears under the next heading.




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