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Not really, its pretty limited as far as I can see as most storage is through the cloud.
Chromevox is also a little clunky. Not sure considering the costs if one of these has much of a place in the market these days considering what yu can do on a cheap amazon Tablet or a low end windows laptop.

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I am curious,
I have read a lot about Chrome Books, and I still can’t figure out what music player you can install on the machine, for example. Is all you can use are apps on the Internet like the Chrome apps like Google Docs, Google sheets, Google Play, and so on.
Is it a computer that only works with Internet apps?
It sounds like you can have android apps on it, is that true?
I am just trying to get my hands around what you can actually have installed on the computer itself that you can work with off line! Is there a version of a music editor, for example you could install on the computer that works with the Chrome OS?
Thanks a lot.
David Moore
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From: Dido Manolov
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Chromebook is a laptop. It is running GoogleOS, not Windows. It runs basically everything through the internet and the cloud services. You cannot run any programs for Windows or Apple.

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I am really not sure, to what extent this might be totally off-topic. If
so, forebare with me, and contact me off-list.

I am contemplating getting a new device, which would replace my recently
broken netbook. The device will be serving as a backup unit, should my
main system get a flue, headache - or cause me to have such diagnoses.

Today, I received an offer on something named Chromebook. I do not know
what it is, or what to expect from it. Is it even running Windows? Or,
more importantly, is it by any means workable by a blind user? Can it be
run by means of NVDA, or what kind of screen reader would it be using?
Well, is it even a computer, or are we talking more like a mobile device?

If any of you have some hands-on experience, or more technical
information of some sort - I would be greatly appreciating you dropping
me a note on the matter. I want to know what to order, before I place
any order for the next computerized device. So please educate me.

Thanks alot,

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