NVDA will not start


First, I am relatively new to NVDA having worked with both WindowEyes and JAWS. I have been a TVI for longer than it seems possible. At present, I continue that teaching, but have started working with seniors, a group that I am proud to say I am a member. NVDA is a real option for my age group as many are no longer employed and don’t qualify for many aspects of rehabilitation services and many of whom are on fixed incomes that may prevent them from affording other options.

I have been learning NVDA for eight months or so and find the transition from other screen readers quite easy. However, I am stuck at the moment as NVDA will simply not run.

I had used it several weeks ago and needed to get back to building skills. I tried the usual things and finally uninstalled NVDA and reinstalled with the newest version. The install appeared to go without a hitch and the default voice spoke through the end of the process. Unfortunately, NVDA will still not run even when activated from the program group directly. ,

I would love any next step suggestions  to try and sort this out.

Many thanks,


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