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David <trailerdavid@...>

Leaving a View Pane open, means that in effect ALL mail messages are being opened, even before you have got the chance to determine if the message comes from a reliable source.

Though it might seem convenient, it has its definite cost. Opening a message from a malicious source, can serve as the very door opener for a virus or other malware. In other words, it is a clear-cut security risk.

I am not telling anyone what to do or not, simply just want to make you aware that you are running heavy risks, in leaving your door open this way. Even if you just scroll down the list of mail messages, they all are being opened as you scroll.

On 11/23/2017 8:13 PM, Gene wrote:

I don't have time to give a detailed answer now but I'll tell you how to work around the problem.  If you have problems or questions, ask and I'll reply when I have more time later today.  The essence is that you are reading mail as plaint text and Windows Live Mail, the newer version, won't read mail as plain text when using some screen-readers and opening the message. 
If you show the reading pane, move to a message in the list, and tab once you can read it in the view pane.  I prefer this method because it is faster than opening and closing messages.  then, when finished, either tab twice to get back to the message list or shift tab once to get back to it.
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using windows live mail  any ideas? as to how to show text all the time?

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