Re: can't upgrade to the nvda 2017.4 rc

Quentin Christensen

Good points re trying to use task manager or uninstall to stop anti-virus programs.

The other question I had for Rosemarie, was that you mentioned you tried to upgrade to 2017.4rc1 but it didn't work and now you are using Narrator.  Does NVDA 2017.3 (or whichever version you were using before) now no longer work at all?

One other option for using NVDA, more as a one off, as I wouldn't want to do this all the time, is if you run the 2017.4rc1 (rc2 we're up to now) launcher, it should at least load NVDA to the point of getting you to the license agreement.  As long as it gets that far, you can either select "continue" or even just alt+tab away from the window and leave it there and it will stay running and working for you (or you could setup a portable copy from there you should be able to run later at least without the startup music and which will remember your settings).



On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 6:45 AM, Brice Mijares <bricemijares@...> wrote:
I have some experience with the Geek Squad. They service my laptop a couple of years ago and once it came back, I had webroot on my system.

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