interesting development



Well, after today's firefox drama I decided to go back to waterfox.

Looking at the page for waterfox I found out a few more things.

1.  the project is based on mozilla but at least for the moment is not going to upgrade to the new firefox engine.

The devs plan to use web extentions but also plan to keep the old xul and xp com apis about.

That means we the user can get accessible waterfox.

Another thing, while its an option we can choose if we want multiprocesser support or not.

Currently its not.

The only thing I am missing is the wide range of associated filetypes, but it looks like this system uses basic gecco without all the extras a lot of the stock mozilla functions are removed.

Sadly as all mozilla addons become outdated that may stop but the waterfox project plan to use their own addon store, it appears that some things mozilla has done they don't agree with.

One thing though while they may be happy to be a barebones brouser they have removed a few bits of the security extras mozilla has added in.

Tracking is for private windows only for protection.

For barebones brousers like me, this is probably a way out in the short to medium term at least till mozilla is able to fix its stuff.

Not that I don't want people to not report that right now the addons and web ui interfaces are just not usable by us, the fact I can't even use noscript currently is bad enough but even so.

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