Re: can't upgrade to the nvda 2017.4 rc

Rosemarie Chavarria

I don't know why Best Buys even installed the program in the first place. I
tried programs and features but it didn't work. I also tried to see if I
could uninstall it from the system tray but that didn't work either. It's
gonna be hard to get rid of it.

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I used to work helping other blind computer users get started. this
program is a pest and you need to get rid of it I have had 2 systems
with it on it and it caused no end of problems with nvda. I can't
remember how hard it is to get rid of but try programs and features first.

On 23/11/2017 15:10, Gene wrote:
It's web root.
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Hmm when I look up web rooter it gives me Canadian plumbers!

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Subject: [nvda] can't upgrade to the nvda 2017.4 rc

> Hi, everyone,
> I'm using narrator to write this message. I tried to update to nvda
> RC but when I tried to update to that version, something blocked it
from > coming up. I called the microsoft disability line and they
couldn't get it > to come up either. When Best Buys repaired my
computer, they put on this > thing called web rooter or something
like that. I don't know what to do.
> They also installed C cleaner which I really didn't need. How do I
allow > web > rooter to unblock nvda so I can upgrade?
> Thanks for your help in advance.
> Rosemarie

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