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David <trailerdavid@...>

Don't get me wrong please, but did you ever consider checking the net?

First of all, WebRoot has their own homepage:

. It seems they are located in USA, Ireland and Australia, have a
support line, and even offers you a set of advice and tools for getting
rid of their product.

Secondly, I did a quick search from the net, using the following query:

    How to get rid of webroot

. It sure yielded a few results. Among these, here is an article that
gives you some outlined steps:

Again, please don't take this in a critical manner. My goal was just to
show you, and everyone else, that sometimes when facing a problem,
simple searches on the net might be a good idea.

Once you have located the name of a software, and its manufacturer, you
might want to check if they have a homepage. Often it will be the
company name, with the extension of .com, .org or the like. First you
get to their homepage, chances are they have some info on your matter,
or even a contact address or form.

Just wanted to help. Hope for you to get rid of the stuff, and your
issue solved.

On 11/24/2017 2:51 AM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
I think my sister said she's coming over tomorrow. I'm pretty sure the
problem is with web root anywhere. I can't get rid of it.

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Rosemarie, I think it is strange that a disability tech couldn't install
NVDA. If possible, you might have a sighted person look at the screen while
you try the install.

At 08:28 PM 11/23/2017, you wrote:
Hi, Angela,

I transitioned from Jaws to NVDA in 2011 and haven't looked back.


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I finally decided to switch fromJaws to NVDA and find it so good: I
wonder why people always think of Jaws as the only option and don't
choose this great open source screen reader... It seems really fantastic!

The good thing is: there are all commands available in the help menu,
so every one can learn... And I think it does many many things: now it
can be compared to Jaws! It is even faster! The transition is smooth
and have no problems at all.

And I updated to the latest version with no particular nuisance.

Thank you so much to the wonderful devs who make it better every day!

Sorry for my terrible English, but I wanted to thank you those who put
effort on what they do.
Angela from Italy

Il 23/11/2017 20:18, Shaun Everiss ha scritto:
have you tried to go to %appdata% and clobber the nvda folder?

Maybe a mangled setting.

I have had soundcards do bad things and need driver updates to.

On 24/11/2017 6:36 a.m., wrote:
First, I am relatively new to NVDA having worked with both
WindowEyes and JAWS. I have been a TVI for longer than it seems
possible. At present, I continue that teaching, but have started
working with seniors, a group that I am proud to say I am a member.
NVDA is a real option for my age group as many are no longer
employed and don't qualify for many aspects of rehabilitation
services and many of whom are on fixed incomes that may prevent
them from affording other options.

I have been learning NVDA for eight months or so and find the
transition from other screen readers quite easy. However, I am
stuck at the moment as NVDA will simply not run.

I had used it several weeks ago and needed to get back to building
skills. I tried the usual things and finally uninstalled NVDA and
reinstalled with the newest version. The install appeared to go
without a hitch and the default voice spoke through the end of the
process. Unfortunately, NVDA will still not run even when activated
from the program group directly. ,

I would love any next step suggestions to try and sort this out.
Many thanks,

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