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Angela Delicata


I have windows 7 32 bits and skype Perhaps It is accessible, but maybe it is me who does not find it very nice to work with.

Thank you.

Angela from Italy

Il 24/11/2017 11:38, Joseph Lee ha scritto:
Which Windows version do you have? Did you perhaps install the Skype version with the newer interface on top? If so, that's something I myself will need to investigate (and perhaps separate my Skype UWP module from WinTenApps add-on into its own add-on sooner than later).

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I installed a newer version and seems to work, but anyway I do not like the layout of skype so much: it seems a bit confusing.

I prefer the older versions: those we had when using Vista or xp..

Thank you for your kind answer!

Il 24/11/2017 10:15, abdul muhamin ha scritto:
Hi, go to options and enable accessible mode, I’m using skype with
NVDA without any addon and its working perfectly

regards, Abdulmuhamin Yousaf!
head of the content department at

From: Angela Delicata
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2017 2:03 PM
Subject: [nvda] Skype and NVDA

Hi friends,

Is there an add-on to use with skype to make it more accessible?

I have problems using it, but this happened also with the other screen
reader: I cannot understand if it is me or the Software which is a bit

Thank you for any possible reply
Angela from Italy

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