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I thin a lot get bamboozled by the need to register or the donate thing. the former is due to wanting to know who the users are, it aids in getting grants, and the latter is money is always tight but you can bypass that for as long as you want.
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The download link is always provided in every blog post FYI.

On 11/22/2017 9:32 PM, Casey wrote:

Hi can you please supply A down load link to down load this new version.

On 11/22/2017 6:19 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Hi all,

NVDA 2017.4rc2 has just been released for testing.

Changes from RC1 include:

• The message shown in NVDA’s About dialog is again correctly shown
in the user’s configured language.
• It is again possible to connect to Handy Tech Braille Star 40
devices using bluetooth.
• Fixed an issue where overriding handy tech display gestures
resulted in warnings about malformed input gesture identifiers.

Full blog post:

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