not announce title attribute on link when use nvda


Hi all,

  Why my nvda + browser not announce title attribute content on link.

  This question is very secret.

but some people could hear the title attribute's content.

  Like this html code:

<a href="" title="open the new window" target="_blank"> nvaccess </a>

  I always only hear "nvaccess" when use nvda + browser(firefox, ie) on web or html file.

  and I test some machine the result is the same.


  win 7, win 10, nvda + firefox or nvda + ie

  But there are few people use their pc can hear it.

  Through long time, I still not understand what's wrong?

  Would some body tell me what about?

  Sorry for my terrible English, my english teacher cry if she read the letter.

Logo Kuo from Taiwan

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