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Adriani Botez

Please have a look at issue #7745 on github.






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Good points, and indeed, something I will be looking for in our new site (still coming ;)).  Re mentioning things here, I do monitor the group, but I don't always catch every post.  I'm quite happy for you to forward anything you really want me to see that I haven't already replied to to me personally or to info@....






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Hi could I make a suggestion?
The information about reporting issues and troubleshooting them etc, seems to be spread about on the nvaccess site and github site, and unless you take quite a lot of time to find these which can be hard for somebody new and when you have a problem, you might not feel happy about doing it.
Perhaps a step by step  problem troubleshooting text could be made complete with detailed info on creating a github account and the urls of the various bits like creating new issues and how to find existing ones, plus the info about log files and crash dumps and a very detailed explanation of how to attach files to issues, as this latter part seems hit and miss to me at the best of times.
This could then be a downloadable file in the same place as you get nvda.

That may also help with getting items reported  and flagged up more promptly than happens now, so would help developers to prioritise issues that affect more people. There does seem to be a  tendency recently to be critical of nvda but without anyone having actually reported the issue anywhere but here or talked about between users elsewhere.


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In the %tmp% folder you should find a couple of "nvda" log files.
Hopefully they will have information we can use.  If you can e-mail me
those I'd be happy to have a look.

See for
information about what is in those files and more on how to get to them.

Kind regards


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Thanks for that suggestion. I did, and as I thought, when I tried running
NVDA, though nothing happened, the Profiles folder was restored. It is


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Did you try deleting the nvda profile folder in update?

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Until recently, NVDA was running fine on my Windows 10 desktop. I do not
run it at startup but from a desktop shortcut, so the run at startup issue
is not the problem. I can run JAWS 18 and Narrator without any issue.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program, and though I would get the
“installed successfully” message, it would not run by clicking on the “run
now” button on the install program nor from the desktop. I even went to the
actual app in the X86 program group, and no luck there.

I just downloaded version 2017. 4 RC 2 and did an install of it after
uninstalling the previous version. Again, I received the installed
successfully message but again no luck. NVDA does not appear in the running
programs group.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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