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Dan Beaver

Wow! Maybe there is something wrong with my system.  I have tried this lots of times because of my habit from using Firefox.  But no matter how many tabs I have open it always closes all of them and terminates Chrome.

Oh well.

Dan Beaver

On 11/26/2017 2:07 PM, Gene wrote:

I don't know why control f4 closes the program when there are multiple tabs opened.  Here, it closes the tab I'm in and nothing else.
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Actually, with multiple tabs open ctrl+f4 closes all tabs.  That is why I was trying to find out what would close just one tab.  It acts like alt+f4 and that surprised me.

Dan Beaver

On 11/26/2017 10:07 AM, Christopher Bartlett wrote:
CTRL-F4 does indeed work.  In fact ctrl-w used to do something else in chrome, so if it works now, it's a change.

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Which is the same for Firefox i seem to recall.

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Ctrl + w


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How do I do this?  I can close the entire browser but not just a tab.  I don't see a way in the help either.


Dan Beaver

Christopher Bartlett

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