Re: not announce title attribute on link when use nvda

Sylvie Duchateau

You have to go to NVDA preferences, then to "object presentation".
Then check report object description.
While I had that unchecked, the title of the first link on your example page was not announced.
If you need more information on objects, you can also check the boxes "report tootips" and "report help balloons".
If you need more information on a link that has title, you can also press nvda+tab, when you are on this link.
Also, if you go through the page with say all command or the arrow keys, and you come on the link with title, NVDA will not speak the link title.
However, if the checkbox I meant at the beginning of this message is checked, and if you use the tab key to browse from link to link, you will hear the link title.
I hope this helps.

Le 26/11/2017 à 03:35, 特種兵 a écrit :
hi all:

  yes, I known that.

  but the link's title attribute is not in "document setting" list.

  you can try connect this page and check what is response with nvda:


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Not quite sure what you mean, in the document settings you can turn on and off lots of things to be spoken at the moment its saying heading level1 but I can tick on lots of other stuff in that dialogue and it makes navigation really irritating as so much is spoken. Is this what you mean?

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Subject: [nvda] not announce title attribute on link when use nvda

Hi all,

 Why my nvda + browser not announce title attribute content on link.

 This question is very secret.

but some people could hear the title attribute's content.

 Like this html code:

<a href="" title="open the new window" target="_blank"> nvaccess </a>

 I always only hear "nvaccess" when use nvda + browser(firefox, ie) on web or html file.

 and I test some machine the result is the same.


 win 7, win 10, nvda + firefox or nvda + ie

 But there are few people use their pc can hear it.

 Through long time, I still not understand what's wrong?

 Would some body tell me what about?

 Sorry for my terrible English, my english teacher cry if she read the letter.

Logo Kuo from Taiwan

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