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    If you use web roott it will block both windows and all nvda commands I tried it several yearsand thats what happend.  I had windows 7 at the time and all that I heard when I tried to enter a command was the windows ding.

Brian Sackrider

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If you have wqork done on a machine, you should tell the place doing the work, and perhaps have a written agreement, that nothing will be upgraded and nothing new will be placed on the machine without asking you first.  I don't know if Web Root is at all accessible.  But, from what I read, it used to be at least more or less useable by JAWS users by extensive use of the JAWS cursor.  But that was two years ago and who knows now.  Also, the system tray can be made to display the webroot icon if it isn't now and you can do things there, but I don't know what.  You may have a way to disable protection by right clicking on the icon, looking at whatever options come up, and trying to work with something that seems a category where you might find such an option.  I don't know whether Webroot provides more or enough more protection than other options that may be accessible to say whether you should keep it or not.  others may be able to comment on the question.  Also, in future, make sure you get the correct name of anything you agree to have added to the machine and write the items down, if you need to, to remember them. 
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I would guess, as you did, that the issue is this web rooter.  To get to it, you can try:
1. Press alt+tab.  Hold down alt and keep tapping tab.  You should either find a "web rooter" window or similar, or eventually get back to the first window you had open.  Most anti-virus type programs don't have a window open so this won't necessarily find it, but it's the easiest first step.

2. Press WINDOWS+B to move the focus to the system tray (B for... because :)  I don't know, it's Microsoft's shortcut).  Next, press right arrow to move through the icons and see if you can find it there.  If you have "notification chevron" or "notification overflow" or similar, press up arrow, then use left arrow to move through those icons.

When you find it in the system tray, press applications key to bring up a context menu then down arrow through that, alternatively try enter or space.

Look for something like "Exit".

Failing that, press control+shift+escape to bring up task manager and down arrow through the running programs to find it.  If you press tab and find a "more details" button.  Press enter to show more details.  When you find web rooter, you can press alt+e to end task (or context menu then find end task).  Be sure you are exiting the right app as this will force close it and it could have unintended consequences if you close the wrong thing.

The other thing you might want to do, if you don't want this web rooter, is to open the start menu, type "add or remove programs" and see if you can find the program to uninstall.  Note it is a good idea to have an anti virus program of some sort running.  On Windows 10 I just use the built in defender, but there are third party ones which work as well.  At some point before uninstalling it, you might check and see if you can access the main program window or functions of this web rooter and see if you can access it.  If you can and you want to keep it, then you'll just need to figure out how to disable it while installing programs.  If it's not accessible, it's always worth shooting an email to the program developer to ask them to make it accessible.  Even if you aren't intending to keep it, your request might encourage them to make the program accessible for others (or for you down the track).

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Unless its what others are saying here, I cannot tell what your issue might be unless you have been relegated to a normal user without any admin rights at all by the company.

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Hi, everyone,

I'm using narrator to write this message. I tried to update to nvda 2017.4
RC but when I tried to update to that version, something blocked it from
coming up. I called the microsoft disability line and they couldn't get it
to come up either. When Best Buys repaired my computer, they put on this
thing called web rooter or something like that. I don't know what to do.
They also installed C cleaner which I really didn't need. How do I allow web
rooter to unblock nvda so I can upgrade?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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