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I don't see how that would work as you are introducing yet another variable. You might find that the hardware is masked if it is on the parent system.
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How about using Virtual box, to create a copy of the machine, and running
it on different hardware , to see if there is an issue with it on different

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We are all very committed to NVDA and believe totally in the Trojan work
that the development team are doing to provide this wonderful screen
reader. I often find it to perform better than the commercial product JAWS
and that is saying a great deal because JAWS is also an excellent product
even though it costs the earth to have it!

If nobody can help with this problem, I am afraid that I am going to have
to use JAWS rather than NVDA to cope with it. Do you really want that to

I raised this on GitHub last year. I was met then with stunning silence! I
would like to run over it with you, if you don’t mind?

It normally comes and goes and is not always reproduceable. However, since
I moved to Office 365 online, it has become a permanent feature of the “Sent
Items” folder in Outlook 2016. I am running Windows 10 and NVDA 2017.3.

I have copied the log file and attach it here for your reference.

Here’s the story:

I prefer to display messages in the various folders as a simple list and
Outlook defaults to showing them in groups. So, I have learnt to turn off
“show in groups” whenever I come across it. Since Office 365 online, I
find that when I go to the “Sent Items” folder with groups turned off, I
can see only the message that is under the cursor. I would expect to hear
the next message in the list after pressing down-arrow as in the Inbox and
most other folders. However, here there is silence, even though I press
down or up-arrow many times. If I keep pressing down arrow until message 50
(more or less, it varies!) suddenly, I can hear all the messages listed. If
I up-arrow back up the list, I cross a threshold at the same message where
the voicing began and all is silent again. Down-arrow back down the list
and I break back into voicing the messages at the same threshold of message
51. If I press “end” I will drop down to the last message in the Sent
Items windows (about number 250, for example). I hear it fine. And
repeating up-arrow voices all the prior messages as I reverse up the list
until number 50 again when all goes silent.

In the attached log. I positioned on the “Sent Items” folder with “Show
in groups” unchecked. I then restarted NVDA to freshen the log. In the
log, I have typed in a message bound by three asterisks (***) to make it
easier to find where the error report starts.

Back to my story:

Then, with the refreshed NVDA, I pressed alt+v>a>b for the “Arrange By”
View menu. I then press up-arrow twice to “Show in Groups” which was
unchecked so I press space bar to check it.

Now, when I press up-arrow or down-arrow, I hear the group title and then
each of the messages that were not being voiced before.

To test this I went back into the “arrange By menu and turn off “Show in
groups” and, again, the messages in the top 50 are not being voiced.

You will see the following error line if you look at my attached log:

accRole failed: (-2147417848, 'The object invoked has disconnected from
its clients.', (None,

I carried out some further tests and found that, in fact, the list is only
showing the last 200 messages in the list. When I have 250 messages, the
first 50 messages are silent under NVDA, until I reach the 51st message.
As I frequently have about 420 messages in my sent Items before archiving,
I usually find that the 220th message is silent and then suddenly the 221st
message is spoken!

To relieve my frustration, I loaded JAWS 2016 which does not have any
problem reading each message from top to bottom in the Sent Items list.
Should I have to admit to all my NVDA critics that NVDA cannot do it and
they had better use JAWS?

All the best,


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