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Peter Beasley

I haven't seen any messages regarding the SVOXPico synthasiser for ages. I have it on my PC, and find that the voices are ok except they seem to be lacking in high frequency which makes it harder to listenn to.

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Anna is too clipped and its American so most things sound better. One issue
I have in windows 7 is that I have Daniel and Serena which are both sapi 5
and work well with nvda, but when I go to change the default computer voice
in windows, only anna shows up in the list which is rather annoying if you
need to use naarrator at any time.

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I asume these voices are american whereas I prefere a british voice.

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From: Rosemarie Chavarria
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Hi, Brian,

I like the David voice. He sounds pretty good--in fact, much better than microsoft Anna.

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Since I know there's at least one Windows 10 user that's commented here (and I think these might be available on Windows 8.1, too) you should definitely give the SAPI 5 synthesizer with either of the two voices included with Windows: Zira (female) or David (male).

These are by far and away the most natural sounding voices I've heard in my years working with screen readers. If you're a fast typist they don't keep up with you on a letter-by-letter basis, if that's important.

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