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David Griffith

I know that there has been lots of responses already but  I too have often had difficulties installing various versions of Winamp.

There are  lots of versions out there and not all work well on Windows 10 at least.

Some version when installed  will not open mp3 files properly from File Explorer despite association and other weird issues Like freezing during the startup wizard when you select skins etc.

Generally I have learnt to only use the version of that can be downloaded from

Essentially what I would do  is in-install the version of Winamp sshe is using and download the version from Nimite.

No guarantees  of course but this is the way I have overcome Winamp difficulties  of this sort in the past.

David Griffith

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From: Rosemarie Chavarria
Sent: 28 November 2017 22:06
Subject: [nvda] setting up winamp


Hi, everyone,


I was talking to a friend of mine earlier this morning and she said she's

having trouble setting up winamp. She tried uninstalling and reinstalling it

but some of her files won't play. Are there boxes she needs to check or



Thanks so much for your help in advance.









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