Re: Resource Monitor 17.12, Windows 10 App Essentials 17.12 #addonrelease

Gerardo Corripio

Has a keystroke been introduced to let us know how much space is left on the drives with actual figures and not have to subtract to get the actual amount of space left? For instance mine says C:\ (NTFS unidad): 258.13gb de 280.79gb utilizado 91.9%. F:\ (FAT32 unidad): 7.25mb de 1.99gb utilizado 0.4%. when I'd like it to have a keystroke where it'd say something like (NTFS unidad): Space remaining 22.6 GBlike this for all the drives. Would such a keystroke for instance of the eight be possible to implement?

El 28/11/2017 a las 07:44 p.m., Lev escribió:

great job!


El 28/11/2017 a las 19:04, Joseph Lee escribió:

Hi all,


Resource Monitor and Windows 10 App Essentials have been updated to version 17.12. Resource Monitor will now recognize 64-bit ARM processors on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and exciting features from the next Windows 10 feature update are now supported via Windows 10 App Essentials.





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