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Hi Jean,
Yes, I want to stop Firefox from prohibiting certain redirections, and I tried alt a, to no know hi Jean,
Yes, I want to stop certainly directions, and I tried all day, to no avail. The only way I got it  was for my husband to go find it with a mouse and hit the allow which then let the site I was on redirect to a site that I wanted it to go to. I don’t want to get rid of the notification all together, because I like stopping unwanted  redirections. But in this case, it was supposed to be redirected. As for the password thing, yes, I would appreciate directions on how to stop it from asking.

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Do you mean stop redirection notices?  Alt a is announced as the allow command at the end of the announcement.  If you want to turn off the notification completely, I'll write instructions in another message. 
To tell Firefox not to offer to remember passwords, do the following.
New main steps start on new lines:
Alt t then o to open options. 
After waiting a moment, tab once.  You are now in a list of categories.
Start down arrowing until you get to security.
If down arrowing stops moving you before you get there, up arrow once then continue down arrowing.
Once you get to security, start tabbing until you get to a checkbox that says something like remember logins.  Uncheck it with the space bar.  You won't be asked any longer.
There is no ok button in this dialog-like structure.  Settings take immediate effect.  This is a web page in the browser and since you are on a web page that mimics a dialog, do whatever you want to do that you would do while on a web page after you change the setting.  That is, go to another page by using a book mark, close the browser, etc.
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I am using the extended service release of Firefox on windows 10 machine with the stable release of NVDA. Sometimes Firefox will put up notices, such as when it offers to remember passwords or when it informs you that has blocked a redirection from the site. How can I access these in order to either tell it I don’t want it to save a password or that I do wanted to allow a redirection?

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