Re: Which version should I install?

Tony Ballou


I believe you can use the current  version of NVDA which is version 17.03 without any hitches. The release candidate for version 17.04 is also available however, to keep things safe version 17.03 should suffice. 


On 11/30/2017 8:52 PM, Grant Metcalf wrote:

Greetings to all,
I am moving over to
NVDA from WindowEyes and could use advice on which version to install.
I am using a 32 bit PC running Windows 7. I have no plans to advance to a later version of Windows. I have a HIMS Braille Edge display connected to my Windows 7 PC as well as the HIMS Polaris notetaker which also could serve as a possible display.
What other information might be helpful in choosing the best version of NVDA?
Thanks for your help!
Grant Metcalf (also known as) Grandpa DOS
Phone: (650) 589-6890
California USA

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