Re: Question about Changing the Voice:

Tony Ballou


Press insert-n to bring up the nvda menu, from there arrow down once to
the preferences sub menu then press the right arrow to open it then down
arrow twice to get to the synthesizer option. At this point press enter,
you will land in a combo box where you can choose the desired synth.
Depending on which version of windows you have you can use the default E
speak voice or choose the Microsoft sapi version 5 synth.  If you have
the Latest version of windows 10 you will find a choice for the windows
one core voices as well. Select the desired synth, then tab to Ok.  From
there if you choose, you can go back into the NVDA menu press right
arrow at the preferences sub menu hit the right arrow once and down
arrow 3 times to the voice settings option, open it, and tailor the
desired synth to your liking. You can adjust the voice, it's pitch rate
and volume, punctuation and spelling levels, how it defines capitals
ETC. Hope this helps.


On 12/1/2017 3:59 PM, Lawrence Stoler wrote:
Dear NVDA List,

How do I go about changing the voice when using NVDA to a similar
voice I would use if I had JAWS?

Thank you.

Lawrence Stoler

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