Re: VBA coding with NVDA

Chris Mullins

Hi Giles

I recently raised a thread regarding the problems NVDA has with the VBA editor and one of the list members has raised a GitHub ticket regarding the problem.  NVDA have done a lot of work on Office applications and I think it is essential that problems accessing the main tool used to create Office macros is addressed to support that good work.  Problems occur when you use the up arrow when navigating the code window, with the current line focus jumping around all over the place, such that you you lose position within the coding.  I tend to just write the code in a text editor like Notepad then paste it into the VBA code window to debug and compile, correcting the Notepad copy, deleting the Vba copy and repeating the cycle until I get it working.  Long-winded I know but it gets the job done eventually.





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Sent: 1 December 2017 18:50
Subject: [nvda] VBA coding with NVDA


Hi all,

back in my sighted days I used to do quite a lot of Visual Basic programming, using Visual Basic itself, but also the Visual Basic for Applications part of Excel. I've not done any since losing my sight 9 years ago, because I no longer have a copy of VB, and I find the VBA editor window very fiddly to navigate.

Does anybody use VBA themselves with NVDA, and do you know of any tutorials written from a blind user's perspective?

Alternatively does anybody know of a more accessible means of coding in VBA outside the Excel editor window, and I could then paste the code back into the editor and use it in Excel?

Very grateful for any suggestions :)


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