Re: Which version should I install?

Stan Bobbitt

Hello, you said, “NVDA …2017.4 is on rc3…” What is rc3?


Stan B


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NVDA 2017.3 should work for you.  2017.4 is on rc3 currently.  I  think you should be fifnd for now.  I have 2017.3 and it works for me.  HTH.






On 11/30/2017 8:52 PM, Grant Metcalf wrote:

Greetings to all,

I am moving over to
NVDA from WindowEyes and could use advice on which version to install.

I am using a 32 bit PC running Windows 7. I have no plans to advance to a later version of Windows. I have a HIMS Braille Edge display connected to my Windows 7 PC as well as the HIMS Polaris notetaker which also could serve as a possible display.

What other information might be helpful in choosing the best version of NVDA?


Thanks for your help!


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