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David Griffith

Narrator is already in Windows 10.

In terms of terminology  I think launch  run and load are pretty mukch synonyums  in this context to describe starting a program.

In ancient dayhs of using Basic on BBC Micro and CPM we used to talk about loading programs into memory to run them.

I  guess I am  therefore showing my age in using the term load in relation to starting a program.

David Griffith



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From: Pascal Lambert
Sent: 02 December 2017 13:42
Subject: Re: [nvda] narrator question


Hi David,

Please forgive my ignorance.  Do you mean launch Narrator or download and install it?





From: [] On Behalf Of David Griffith
Sent: Saturday, December 2, 2017 5:45 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] narrator question


This is  a little odd as I have just loaded Narrator – pressed Caps lock M and it read all your email out to me with no problem.

Ditto for this email reply which I  am writing using Narrator..

It sounds like there is something intercepting your use of the caps lock key as a proper modifier.

You don’t by any chance have NVDA or another program loaded which is grabbing hold of the caps lock key do you?

NVDA should be unloaded before attempting to use Narrator.

Alternatively some people on laptops remap the insert key to cpas lock which may also create problems.

David Griffith

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From: anthony borg
Sent: 02 December 2017 10:31
Subject: Re: [nvda] narrator question


Hi tony

Apologies I wanted to say when I use key stroke, caps lock plus m, it doesn’t readanything.

Maybe I to use the letter m, with another key storke instead the caps lock?

Thanks in advance



From: [] On Behalf Of Tony Ballou
Sent: 02 December 2017 07:43
Subject: Re: [nvda] narrator question




Try this keystroke instead,

Caps lock + M. Pressing Windows-m takes you to the desktop. Hope this helps.




On 12/1/2017 8:58 PM, anthony borg wrote:

Hello david

Could you please explain to me what I should use in narrator to read all?

Because I used windows key plus m, and didn’t work.

Thanks in advance



From: [] On Behalf Of David Moore
Sent: 01 December 2017 01:01
Subject: narrator question


Thank you so very much. I am very interested.

David Moore

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From: Fred Mellender
Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2017 4:15 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Please help a Chess program developer


I got some good advice from a blind user of ChessSpeak.


So, I am trying to make the program almost entirely mouse free, with input via keyboard shortcuts and speech, and output via speech.


Please pass on any other advice.


I should have a beta test version in a week or so, but not all the desirable interface features will be in that version.  This program is for Windows 7 and later, only. The speech input and output only works in English. This program will always be free.


Look at the Users' Guide, Youtube video, and my webpage for details about this program.  All of the links were included in a previous post to this group.

This program allows a person to play a game of chess against the computer.  You can download the current version from my website.




On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 1:34 PM, anthony borg <anthonyborg001@...> wrote:

Hi can you please give me some more info about that chess program as I am very interesting to get it please?




From: [] On Behalf Of fredm73@...
Sent: 29 November 2017 16:49
Subject: [nvda] Please help a Chess program developer


I am the author of a free chess playing program, ChessSpeak.  I have a YouTube video ( and a Users' Guide ( This program allows for speech input from the player and replies with voice output. It has been used by many players over the past few years.

I wrote the program so that a sighted person could play with a regular chessboard, across the room from the computer, without using the mouse or keyboard (although it is not entirely hands free). I  did not intend this application for blind people, but have discovered there is interest in the blind community. ChessSpeak was developed without my awareness of NVDA.  One user told me he is using NVDA and that led me to this group.

How can I make ChessSpeak more friendly to blind people?  What are some very general, and then some specific guidelines?  I have read the Developers' Guide ( and understand it in a general way, although my Python skills are not strong.

If anyone could offer me specific suggestions or help for my application I would appreciated it. If anyone wants to develop the NVDA linkage to ChessSpeak that would be wonderful.



Fred Mellender
Rochester, NY





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