Re: Installing eclipse

Bogdan Onyshenko

You can also use the comand prompt to turn on java access bridge. 
1. navigate to your java folder the command will look somethin like this
cd c:/program files/java/jdk1.7.0_51/bin
2. then type jabswitch -enable
where cd is stands for change directory command
jdk1.7.0_51 is your java version you can type your version instead just check out your java directory name using your favorite file manager or command dir /p while you switched into your java folder this will list all files and subdirectories in current folder then just cd to your java subdirectory.
bin is the directory where all Java executables are saved.
jabswitch is a binary that accepts 1 parameter enable or disable it is responsible for turning on and off Java access bridge.
-enable it is a parameter that we are passing to that executable.
So in 2nd command we are calling jabswitch.exe and passing to it parameter enable.
After success message just reload NVDA and that's it.

p.s. Good luck in programming.

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