Re: Question about Excel


Hello Chris:


To insert a new worksheet, press Shift+F11. You can also press Alt+H, I, S.


To rename a sheet, press Alt+H, O, R.


Hope this helps.




From: [] On Behalf Of Christopher-Mark Gilland
Sent: Monday, December 4, 2017 6:21 AM
Subject: [nvda] Question about Excel


I have been asked to prepare an Excel document which will contain several worksheets within the one workbook.


I have tried and tried and tried, and cannot find a way to do the following tasks, and hope someone can give me the steps.


1. How do I create a new worksheet within a workbook?


2. I know about ctrl+tabbing to move between worksheets, but how do I focus myself on the worksheet tabs, so I can right click one of them and select the rename option?


Yes, I've looked in the ribbon, but don't see anything which appears obvious for either of these questions.



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