Re: OT: selecting a new laptop is more difficult than before

Mary Otten <motten53@...>

I consider getting a laptop thistime instead the desktop I ended up with. I haven’t looked at laptops in several years. One of the things I absolutely insist on with the laptop, which is why I ended up not getting one, is that it have a good keyboard, with decent key travel, and a separate well-defined number pad. I don’t like Screenwitter laptop layouts. The last laptop I had, a Toshiba, fit that bill, with it’s very separate easy to find number pad. This time, when I went looking, I saw asus and HP really big laptops with number pad. But the keyboard looked like a sea of keys, with no separation anywhere. These are big laptops. So I don’t understand why they insist on smashing all the keys together without any kind of demarcation that is tactilely useful. Very sad.

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On Dec 4, 2017, at 6:09 AM, Don H <lmddh50@...> wrote:

Years ago I think that the AMD processors had heat issues but I think that is no longer a problem. I think AMD processors are as good as Intel and usually cost much less.

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