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I have a feeling its just the way they design stuff. anyone in the UK recall the Spectrum Plus? it had this selling point of 'real' keys but they were not really real as the stability of them relied on the four keys around them to stop wobble. i suspect its much the same in many Laptops. It also means that underneath can be a simple membrane device made of a kind of rubber and a membrane keyboard under that. The so called Soggy feel is due to the rubber.


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I consider getting a laptop thistime instead the desktop I ended up with. I haven’t looked at laptops in several years. One of the things I absolutely insist on with the laptop, which is why I ended up not getting one, is that it have a good keyboard, with decent key travel, and a separate well-defined number pad. I don’t like Screenwitter laptop layouts. The last laptop I had, a Toshiba, fit that bill, with it’s very separate easy to find number pad. This time, when I went looking, I saw asus and HP really big laptops with number pad. But the keyboard looked like a sea of keys, with no separation anywhere. These are big laptops. So I don’t understand why they insist on smashing all the keys together without any kind of demarcation that is tactilely useful. Very sad.

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Years ago I think that the AMD processors had heat issues but I think that is no longer a problem. I think AMD processors are as good as Intel and usually cost much less.

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