nvda with a youtube to mp3 converter program

Dan Thompson

Hi All,

I have been using the free youtube to mp3 converter for several years.  But suddenly I can not seem to get the url to paste into the converter and auto download into the music folder.    I am using verson build 5.5.   It seems the new version of this program from  DVDVideoSoft  in the new 4.62 version has become very unaccessible.

I wrote a chapter in a book using my laptop with nvda and version 3.12.5 build 5-05.  However, now with the new verson nothing downloads automatically even if I get that bock check, and that is quit challenging itself.  The menus are rather unaccessible.

Is there another youtube to mp3 converter that is easy to use. I work with seniors, (55 and older), most around 65 years.

I will be greatful for any advice.9files to

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