Re: Some misstakes in new rc NVDA version

Quentin Christensen

We changed from using eSpeak NG 1.49.1 in 2017.3 to using 1.49.2, but for those not using the Next or Master snaps, the RC builds (or the final 2017.4 when it comes out) are likely the first time they've tried it.  So, as Brian guessed, it's likely that the issues here are not specific to this RC as such, but to the change in eSpeak version, since the RCs are a bit more widely distributed.  It would be good to get confirmation from Marco though.



On Tue, Dec 5, 2017 at 1:57 AM, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io <bglists@...> wrote:
I got the impressing it was RCs in this series actually.
I have certainly noticed some strangenesses in Espeak on recent snapshots since the last two updates of espeak NG, none for the better particularly in English hence my work around mentioned in my reply.

I guess the most noticable is the way it says the word for in some circumstances, making it into fur.  Brian

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Your subject line refers to the new RC version.

Is this problem something new in the latest RC version and did not exist in
earlier (RC or otherwise) versions, or does the same problem also exist in
older (especially standard release) versions of NVDA?


On Monday 04 December 2017 at 11:43:33, Marco Oros wrote:


At the first, where can I inform about this thing of NVDA misstakes of,
for example Espeak NG?

Because I have noticed, that new Mandarin Chinese is badly pronounced in
NVDA in that way, that syllable and some kind of number. Maybe, this is
problem of Espeak NG, but I am not shure.

Nextly, arabic letter meem is pronounced in Espeak, like meetar, but I
think, that It is incorrect.

Where can I issued those things?

Thank You.

Marco Oros

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