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I think a little more about the hardware spec might be informative here. When you say it hangs. Does it hang or is it just very slow?
If you can tell us what applications cause this that too would be a help. It is not uncommon as has been mentioned already, for power saving to be responsible for slow downs, but usually its things like zooming up and down explorer file lists and the like that tend to get slow.
I find that not only should you select always on on any machine, but also that you may need to look at power management and see if the processor is being kept at around 10 percent of its real speed during access by nvda. Its not uncommon for Windows not to spot one of its cores is maxing out. I presume this is a limitation of Windows, but you can fix it by setting the idling speed up considerably. However all of this will use more battery, so if you run on battery a lot you might need to play around here to get an acceptable result.
another thing to bear in mind is that if your machine came from a bulk store or warehouse seller its more than likely packed with software that runs at start up and is just there as a trial and is probably best uninstalled as soon as possible. Beware though. Doing this with an Office product has caused issues with screenreaders in the past.
Also, it might be worth knowing what anti virus or malware solution is on the system. I think generally we tend to say, remove all of the third party stuff avg, avast Norton etc, and stick to Windows defender and maybe a third party run manually program like malwarebytes.

So let folk here know and in the meantime learn about Narrator as if things freeze in nvda it may well be that Narrator which is built in can shed some light on what is going on.
One last thing, do you use a Braille display?
OK lots to go on with there, but certainly the majority of people have not had the issue you report if the machine is at all capable of running windows 10.
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Subject: [nvda] nvda 2017.3 and opening multiple applications

Morning guys

I am Marisane from SA.

I use nvda as my screen reader on my win10 laptop.

I have just bought the laptop.

It came with win10.

I, before, used jaws without this problem.

I cannot open more than one application without nvda freezing.

It freezes and continuously goes unresponsive as well as even decides
to sometimes stop talking.

It is frustrating me as it is now my only screen reader to access
applications in win10.

Your assistance in this regard is appreciated in advance.

May I also ask this question?

How does one know that one's laptop has windows10 fall creators?

Please help.

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Evening everyone,

I joined two groups today and cannot for the life of me find how to post to
them. I don't know if this is an NVDA things or and I'm missing the obvious
thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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