efficient reading of messages in Outlook 2016 with NVDA

Mary Otten

I have both JAWS and NVDA on this machine. I am really liking the simplicity of NVDA, but I do have a question about efficiently reading email. There has been a discussion on another list about how you can configure either Window Eyes or JAWS to automatically read the next message in outlook. The upshot seems to be that if you have outlook configured to automatically open the next or previous message, depending on how your messages are sorted, that once you have a message open and hit control d for delete, the next message will automatically open and the reading of the message text will commence. This sounds like about the most efficient way to get through lots of mail--that and being able to get rid of a whole thread if it doesn't interest you--of course. Can this be done with NVDA? I didn't see an add on that looked like it would do this. Any possibility for that?


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