Re: efficient reading of messages in Outlook 2016 with NVDA

Mary Otten

Hi Pranav,

Ah yes, good old Window Bridge! One of many screen readers I have bought and then they went away, sigh. But that's another topic.

So when you say you skim summaries, are you meaning that you use the preview pane? Or if not, then what do you do? I used pmmail for so many years on Windows I got totally used to and spoiled by that program, and I haven't found anything I like as well.


On 12/5/2017 4:34 PM, Pranav Lal wrote:

I used to read e-mail this way when I used to use Window Bridge with Eudora. I no longer use this approach. It is easier to skim message summaries, open the ones I am interested in and then continue. Having said that, configure outlook to move to the next message and try the approach. This is an outlook configuration more than a NVDA configuration. Yes, how much of the e-mail header is read remains to be tested.


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