Re: nvda's unresponsiveness


windows ten creatur update has one important feature for protection
against ransomwares.
it includes some essential system folders and you can add your desires.
nvda 2017.3 is very responsive for me using windows xp, but i
deactivated many features of firefox, like javascript, desplaying
images, remembering history, cookies, etc.
not sure about windows ten, but i dont open many programs (specially
those need heavy resources) at the same time.
i only have skype using heavy resources of my hardwares and decided to
remove it.
hope that help, God bless you all!

On 12/5/17, Marisane Moruthanyana <> wrote:
Evening guys

I am Marisane from SA.

I recently posted to you about nvda 2017.3 unresponsiveness, but none
of you came to my rescue.

Nvda goes unresponsive everytime I run more than one applications.

It also goes unresponsive when I am working on he internet.

I use nvda 2017.3 and win10.

My win10 is : Windows 10Ver1703 (64-bit) build 15063.726.

On other occasions, I use jaws16 but it does not go unresponsive when
I run multiple applications or am working on the internet.

What is wrong with nvda? Why so unresponsive in win10?

May I also understand about win10 fall creators? What is that?

Sorry for being without this knowledge about win10.

I am, of course, not technical.

Please help.

Kind regards

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