Re: nvda's unresponsiveness

Marisane Moruthanyana

Afternoon Chris

I missed the post.

Please send it to me so that I can read what they're saying.

Your help is appreciated in advance.


On 12/6/17, Chris Mullins <> wrote:
Hi Marisane
I saw a response to your post which asked you to check if any power saving
options were in operation on your machine which can throttle back the
processor. I think they said something about "always on " being a good
option. Did you do this or did you miss the post?


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Subject: [nvda] nvda's unresponsiveness

Evening guys

I am Marisane from SA.

I recently posted to you about nvda 2017.3 unresponsiveness, but none of
you came to my rescue.

Nvda goes unresponsive everytime I run more than one applications.

It also goes unresponsive when I am working on he internet.

I use nvda 2017.3 and win10.

My win10 is : Windows 10Ver1703 (64-bit) build 15063.726.

On other occasions, I use jaws16 but it does not go unresponsive when I
run multiple applications or am working on the internet.

What is wrong with nvda? Why so unresponsive in win10?

May I also understand about win10 fall creators? What is that?

Sorry for being without this knowledge about win10.

I am, of course, not technical.

Please help.

Kind regards

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