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The whole problem which I suggested should really have meant rolling back espeak since its got other proglems too, revolved around it crashing espeak when certain characters were encountered. To get the release out the function in Espeak has been disabled as it was the inclusion of the dictionaries that was crashing the speech engine. It also was not identifying these collections of symbols correctly which was also probably why it fell over when only one was seen, come to think of it.
My advice would have been roll back two versions of espeak as the pronunciations are rubbish in uk English in some areas and the version in Speech Player in Espeak is in fact far far better for uk English speakers and there were no crashes either.

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I tested the NVDA version master-14687,6aa892b3
it does not read the Emoticon, but when I checked to review the pasted copy it was there. Does anyone experiencing this or to replicate the issue. Thanks.

Robert Mendoza

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