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My old dell has fans but its not the drive that seems to generate the heat its the processor itself. You can tell as when its working hard on things but not using the disc much the fan starts to speed up and the bottom gets hot. That is a Dell inspiron running xp, though it is supposed to be able to run 7, but have not bothered.
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Hi guys!
My HP Stream 11 has a SSD drive, and no fan. I have nothing to hear what so ever. It makes it interesting, because sometimes, it locks, and I can’t tell if it is still on or has it totally turned off LOL! Sometimes, it comes down to holding down the power button a few seconds and then I know I have shut it down. Then, I just tap the power button, and it turns on. Now, when you start the computer, you can turn on Narrator quickly, and it will take you through the start up before JAWS or NVDA starts talking LOL!
It has been an adventure, but this baby only weighs 2 and a half pounds, and has a 128 Gig SSD Drive, and four Gigs of ram. This thing never gets hot, so it does not need a fan LOL!
Take care, guys!
David Moore
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If you have a hybrid laptop, you do not have any sound!

Às 22:29 de 05/12/2017, Antony Stone escreveu:
There is no sound from an SSD. The machine will still have a system fan for
the CPU and RAM, however, which you may be able to hear.


On Tuesday 05 December 2017 at 22:59:57, tina sohl wrote:

How do you know when a pc with and ssd drive is running? If you can't
see it, is there still something you can hear? Both our pcs still have
regular drives so we're curious.


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